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January 07, 2014 513

In a co-operation with the developers of Firaxis Games, we are happy to announce our XCOM: Enemy Unknown Giveaway event. In case you are being a fan of strategy games, you should definietely participate in this event, as we are going to reward ten of our community members with a Digital Retail copy of XCOM: Enemy Unknown (Steam Edition).


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Step 3

Which XCOM: Enemy Unknown feature you love the most? 

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Leave your answer in a comment section below.


January 2014

  • Friday 24th-2 x XCOM: Enemy Unknown Keys (Steam Edition)
  • Friday 31st-2 x XCOM: Enemy Unknown Keys (Steam Edition)

February 2014

  • Friday 7th- 2 x XCOM: Enemy Unknown Keys (Steam Edition)
  • Friday 14th-2 x XCOM: Enemy Unknown Keys (Steam Edition)
  • Friday 21st-2 x XCOM: Enemy Unknown Keys (Steam Edition)

 Good Luck!

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FajarOMEN | Thursday, February 6, 2014 10:00 AM
all of my steam friends played this game,, i also want to play this game and have a MP experience with them
AjizMA | Thursday, February 6, 2014 9:48 AM
after i win this giveaway and get this game,, Im gonna give this game to my friend. He is trully gamer. Never stop playing game and spended his free day on his game. I know he is a good boy and his father are very good to me,, and rich people. But now they are poor,, thats because his father bangkrupt and out of business. I've been helped in many time by them. When me and my family need money,, they always give us chance to borrow their money,, and when my family wanna give their money back....they reject it. Oh,, also my friend always help me in the shcool. For example when im going down because of my bad school report card,, then he amuse me and make me laugh,, and then...my stress are going away. Thats why i wanna give this game for him,, as a gift for me that always help me and always on my side when i need him. Its not easy to become a good boy like him.
I hope he will like this game and our friendship is more powerful and never broken. I also don't forget to say thanks to GAMERSBOOK for doing this giveaway,, also the peoples behind this giveaway. Thanks very much guys
GOTO | Thursday, February 6, 2014 9:39 AM
love the anti alien MP feature
ENGINEofHELL | Thursday, February 6, 2014 9:29 AM
Although I joined Steam in 2004, I managed to avoid spending very much money on it in the early years. That all changed in 2009, when the allure of sales finally won me over, and some $2,000 worth of games later, here we are. X-COM was a franchise that had always interested me – I’m a sucker for tactical RPGs and strategic base building games. However, the difficulty, coupled with the somewhat impenetrable interface turned me off, and I still haven’t played a complete game in of any of them. The purchase ended up being the first in a very long line of games that I ended up buying but never quite could get into. When I first heard that Firaxis was being handed the XCOM license and were making a turn-based strategy game with it, I was elated. I’m a big fan of Firaxis, and I’ve logged nearly 200 hours on Civilization 5 as of this article. I will play pretty much anything if the title starts with “Sid Meier’s.” I pre-ordered this game, and I’ve spent nearly every free moment I’ve had since the release playing the game. After a good chunk of hours invested, I think I’m ready to at least give my impressions of it. I think I’ll probably be sinking a considerable amount of hours into this game, including its higher difficulty levels and other challenging modes in the coming months, so this is by no means a final word. XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a reimagining of the first game in the series, X-COM: UFO Defense (or UFO: Enemy Unknown outside the US). As such, it consists of two major parts. In the first, you are tasked with using your organization’s limited resources to research and engineer new alien-vaporizing technology while maintaining the fragile alliance that keeps you funded. In the second, you are tasked with commanding a squad of up to 6 soldiers in tactical combat against an overwhelming alien force. Both halves are executed with the kind of expertise I’ve come to associate with Firaxis. There’s a lot of attention paid to the strategy and mechanics of the game, but not at the expense of the visual and audio design. There aren’t many studios who can put out a good looking, mainstream AAA strategy title like this, and I can’t help but be impressed. It’s got the same “one more turn” time-burning properties as the Civilization series – prepare to lose track of time and not want to stop when you know you have other things to do. There’s always one more research project, one more alien to kill, or one more door to open before you quit. Resources are always limited, so how you prioritize your projects and construction in the base can significantly change the way you approach the tactical combat. The base view communicates a lot of information in a very compact format, and the simple base building mechanics mean that there’s not that much of a learning curve. Still, it would have been nice to get some guidance (à la Civilization’s Advisors) – there are times when it’s not really clear what aspects of the base would give you the most benefit for your investment. Likewise, the tech tree is a bit flat, confusing, and opaque, and you may neglect avenues of research that would give you huge benefits because their side effects are unclear. The base building is neat, but a bit oversimplified – think about how a game of SimCity would go if you only had a couple of dozen places to build buildings, and just one road. Intercepting UFOs is mostly a hands-off process, with few options for upgrading your interceptors and little control over the interception itself. The tactical combat aspects are quite good. The game manages to make every turn feel like you’re stepping into an unknown situation, and even when you’re pretty sure you know what kind of aliens to expect, they’re still as scary the hundredth time as they were the first. Caution and careful exploration are key. There’s very real risk here, with very real consequences for making mistakes. This isn’t a game you can always win – it’s a game where you have to learn how to lose gracefully. The high-stakes tactical combat lends itself to some very emergent stories. Try naming your squad after people you know or game with, and you’ll frequently have epic stories of last-second snap shots that your friends took to save the day. However, the cover and line-of-sight mechanics are a bit weird at times, especially when there are angular walls or odd angles of attack. Managing loadouts and keeping track of what button activates what skill can be frustrating for no good reason. The key bindings not only change from soldier to soldier, but even if you switch weapons. Soldier progression options are fairly limited – there’s only a few weapon possibilities per class, and at most 2 ability choices per level. Occasional glitches (such as randomly teleporting enemies and camera issues) damage the experience, but hopefully we’ll see these issues fixed in a post-release patch. XCOM:EU is a good game, but I find myself on the fence about it. It’s terribly addictive, and it manages to distill a lot of complicated XCOM mechanics into something that’s easy to pick up and play. However, I feel like it’s pulling punches. Certainly concessions have been made for the console interface (e.g., larger fonts, less text, simplified controller-optimized navigation) and a more casual audience, (e.g., less choices in terms of loadouts, soldier progression, technology, and base building) even though the difficulty and challenging strategic combat are intact. This dichotomy of “dumbed down for the masses” while still punishing even on normal difficulty is strange, although I personally don’t mind it. There’s more than a few things that aren’t adequately explained or fleshed out, which makes the game feel a bit rushed. For instance, the tooltips on many skills and items don’t adequately describe their effects in-game, and there’s no manual or other source of detailed information to explain them. A particular piece of armor might give you “+10 defense,” or “increased mobility,” but what that means isn’t clear unless you dig through the game’s help files (assuming there are any for this topic) and/or experiment thoroughly. I feel as weird criticizing this game as much as I feel weird praising it. I find it entertaining and engaging, while at the same time I’m hungry for more. I suppose, in the end, that this game reminds me of Civilization: Revolution – it’s a good game that feels like a “lite” version of a truly great game. Perhaps when patches eventually squash the bugs and minor annoyances, the remaining nitpicks I have will seem that much more minor. I’m also sure I’ll be playing this game for many, many more hours. But is it a game that we’ll revere as a legend and all fondly remember 20 years from now, as we do the original X-COM? That I’m not so sure of. And i also say Thank you to GAMERSBOOK and 2k games for this awesome giveaway
RED1 | Thursday, February 6, 2014 9:16 AM
i love the multiplayer and many more,, hope i can win this giveaway
deidaramotoko | Thursday, February 6, 2014 9:02 AM
i have no game to play. i need some games to play,, ive been completed all of my game's quest and don't know what i have to do again,, so i really need those game to spending out of my holiday, thanks for this giveaway
Dmytro Sokolov
Dmytro Sokolov | Wednesday, February 5, 2014 8:20 PM
new skills
Mr. Scruw
Mr. Scruw | Wednesday, February 5, 2014 5:35 PM
This is a one of a kind strategy game. You control the global defense team against the alien invasion which gives the player a freedom of choice, and skill in the mind. Make an operational base to defend yourself, control soldier movement in battle with the ability to plan combat missions. All this in one is a strategy game that will be a lot of fun.
Hope I win!
Thanks GamersBook for this amazing giveaway! :D
Ucil | Wednesday, February 5, 2014 10:41 AM
many of my friends already own this game and i also want to play this game, but i have no money to buy this game
StrongHeart123 | Wednesday, February 5, 2014 10:28 AM
i would like to give this game (if i win) to my steam friend.I ever promised to my friend that i will give any giveaway that i get and win for him. I wanna give it because he told me everything about steam and teach me everything about steam, and teach me to play dota 2, im new on dota 2 thats why i need a coach to help me with the gameplay. And he is the good coach, just teach me for about two hours and i half on my way to get know about all of the gameplay. And often give me game that i want and some times help me solve puzzle to win a puzzle giveaway. Help me to get more cheap game and many more. And he also told me everything on GAMERSBOOK and told me about giveaway on GAMERSBOOK. And now i know where i have to go when i need news and info of my favorite game (dota 2), the answer is GAMMERSBOOK. He is really good man, i know it, maybe we are in different country, but thats not the border that can make our friendship broken right? I love to have friend that come from different country like him, make me have another experience of gaming. And now is my chance to win giveaway on GAMERSBOOK, so that i can give this jacket to him for a gift because he always help me. I hope he like this jacket if i win. I know this is bad idea i mean, just tryig my luck on GAMERSBOOK, hope i win. Thanks to my friend and GAMERSBOOK for your goodness, thanks very much. And i also apologize if my english is bad, thanks a lot :D
LatifTP | Wednesday, February 5, 2014 10:21 AM
looks that my brother like the MP, cause he love to play game with his friends. if i win this giveaway,, i just wanna give this game to my brother. i wanna give it as a gift for his birthday party. yea,, i have no money to buy this game, cause this game is too expensive for me. but i wanna make surprise for my brother by giving this game for him, no problem if i don't own this game,, the important think is to make my brother more fun,, just wanna make him laught. Thank you GAMERSBOOK for sharing this happyness
FatherGwen | Wednesday, February 5, 2014 10:13 AM
love this game because it is worth it, and seems like im never have worth game,, just get some crappy game
Prosssinda | Wednesday, February 5, 2014 10:03 AM
love to play with my friends,, and maybe im the onlyonw people who don't own this game
Aaron Evans
Aaron Evans | Tuesday, February 4, 2014 6:56 PM
The turn based combat
JBDigriz | Tuesday, February 4, 2014 6:32 PM
its my favorite genre
Lazarba | Tuesday, February 4, 2014 6:12 PM
Stunning Graphics
Qniko | Tuesday, February 4, 2014 5:22 PM
At all i like all, but most was that to experiment with aliens, to try not lose any soldier at nightmare mode.
Accur4cy | Tuesday, February 4, 2014 12:09 AM
Most of the game like: Evolution strategies: XCOM: Enemy Unknown combines incremental gameplay with dynamic tactical battles.
And strategic framework: hire, develop and equips its soldiers and manage staff. Build and expand XCOM headquarters around the world to better pinpoint and suppress the activity of aliens.
Daniel Crott
Daniel Crott | Monday, February 3, 2014 10:42 PM
The turn based combat, coupled with the base building.
Rareș Teodor
Rareș Teodor | Monday, February 3, 2014 8:42 PM
The really complex combat and graphics makes this game looks so tasty
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