About us

What is Gamersbook?

Gamersbook is a social networking platform for all kinds of gamers – bloggers, streamers or just casual video game players. It is also a hub for video game developers, publishers and hardware manufacturers who choose to promote their products through PR content or directly through communication to the users of Gamersbook network.

How it all started?

Internet is one big ecosystem that changes in tremendously fast pace. Back in November of 2010., when Gamersbook launched, we wanted to take a different approach compared to other video game networks on the market. At that particular time, trend of socialnetworking websites was already very noticeable. The power and creativity of usergenerated content compared to a more "traditional" approach of a news portal was very interesting. Even though overall quality of user-generated content is rarely on par with professional editorial articles, the possibility of exchanging user-generated content on massive scale was just mind blowing.

In past couple of years, Gamersbook grew from small website of friends and a casual member that stumbled upon it, to a place where tens of thousands of gamers communicate daily through content sharing or just a simple comment type discussion on some relevant news article.

The future

In March of 2012. Gamersbook was rewritten from ground-up. A process which was necessary to ensure it's healthy foundation for years to come. Continuous user growth, together with increase of user-generated content on day-by-day basis made Gamersbook attractive to some of the biggest names in video game industry. That alone ensures us in the bright future of the project and pushes us forward in making Gamersbook the place to be if you share the passion for video games like we do.

Contact details

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