NBA 2K14 Christmas Giveaway

December 11, 2013 539

Once again, we have partnered up with 2K Games, and we are happy to bring you another giveaway event. This time, however, our community members that are being fans of Basketball & other Sport games, will have a chance to obtain one of the available Digital Retail copies of the recently released NBA 2K14. Enjoy and feel free to participate!

Giveaway prizes

  • 3 x NBA 2K14 (STEAM Edition)
  • 3 x NBA 2K14 (PlayStation 3)

Giveaway rules

Step 1 Register on Gamersbook
Step 2

If you were selected as NBA 2K14 Giveaway Winner, would you choose PC or PS3 version? (Leave your answer in a comment section below)

Giveaway schedule

December 2013

  • Friday 20th- 1 x NBA 2K14 (STEAM Edition)
  • Friday 27th- 1 x NBA 2K14 (STEAM Edition)

January 2014

  • Friday 3rd- 1 x NBA 2K14 (STEAM Edition)
  • Friday 17th- 1 x NBA 2K14 (PS3 Edition)
  • Friday 24th- 1 x NBA 2K14 (PS3 Edition)
  • Friday 31st- 1 x NBA 2K14 (PS3 Edition)

 Good Luck!

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Dean | Saturday, January 4, 2014 1:16 AM
I would choose the PC version
sumsalabim | Friday, January 3, 2014 10:53 PM
I would choose the PC version,becouse PC is the best console on earth .
ebn1 | Friday, January 3, 2014 5:42 PM
I would choose PC version because I don't have PS3 too.
Accur4cy | Friday, January 3, 2014 5:03 PM
I would choose the PC version.
Aleksa | Friday, January 3, 2014 2:38 PM
I would choose PC version because I don't have PS3.
TheLoupinScare | Friday, January 3, 2014 2:31 PM
Trully,, if i win this giveaway im gonna give this game to my friend. He is the big fans of this game,, everytime this game got an update he always wanna be the 1st that see the update and news. But he actually have got no money to buy this game. And i can't help him cause i have no money too. So i looking for site that giving this game for free. And this is my chance to get it,, and give it to my friend. I hope he surprised by this giveaway (of course if i win)
Thank you Gamersbook for this giveaway! :D
FatherGwen | Friday, January 3, 2014 2:12 PM
My son really want this game
im here to get what he want. I don't have enough money to buy this game. But i have to keep trying to get this game
he actually want this game from august,, but i really have no money to buy it for him This all is for my lovely son. Just trying to be good father. Wanna make surprise for him by giving this game. I hope he like it,,
I don't forget to say thank you to you gamersbook!
TheBlackMotor | Friday, January 3, 2014 1:46 PM
i love pc and please choose me as the winner!!!!!!
this game is for my little brother. I've been promised to him that i will give him an original game for the 1st time. He is new on steam, and i wanna teach him to play the original and legal game, not playing illegal game. I don't want to make him become bad people by just downloading the crack game or whatever is that. I just wanna make him more good people and become original user of the game. But his first game was a illegal game, and from that time, i forbid him not to play illegal game but we have to play original game. I teach him to play legal game is to support the maker of the game, so that they will release new game with more better feature and will become big company that will born new and fresh game for us the legal gamer. This is the way how we support game company. And i was happy because he heard me and promised to me that will never play illegal game again. I know that he is good child.
And i also promised to him that i will give him surprise for his promise. I promise that i will give him legal game for the 1st time. He was really happy and happy and happy...
His smile and laugh can make me more happy. I love my little brother :-)

And thank you to GAMERSBOOK for the chance of winning this giveaway!
TheBlackAvenger | Friday, January 3, 2014 1:40 PM
i deserve to get this game because ive been promised to my dad that i will find out my own game without his money and him help. So i looking for a way to get my original game and after i get my game,, i will provide myself to my dad that ive been sucess by getting the game that i want with my own way.

Thank you for GAMERSBOOK for doing this giveaway
StrongHeart123 | Friday, January 3, 2014 1:28 PM
i love ps3 and also love pc version. I love both of it because i can play this game with my father :D
FajarOMEN | Friday, January 3, 2014 11:18 AM
i like both pc and ps3. But i have no ps3,, i just have pc. And i also have no money to buy this game. But trully after i win this giveaway and get this game,, Im gonna give this game to my friend. He is the biggest fans of this game. Never stop playing this game and spended his free day in front of his pc monitor. I know he is a good boy and his father are very good to me,, and rich people. But now they are poor,, thats because his father bangkrupt and out of business. I've been helped in many time by them. When me and my family need money,, they always give us chance to borrow their money,, and when my family wanna give their money back....they reject it. Oh,, also my friend always help me in the shcool. For example when im going down because of my bad school report card,, then he amuse me and make me laugh,, and then...my stress are going away.
Thats why i wanna give this game for him,, as a gift for me that always help me and always on my side when i need him. Its not easy to become a good boy like him.
I hope he will like this game and our friendship is more powerful and never broken
I also don't forget to say thanks to GAMERSBOOK and 2K GAMES for doing this giveaway,, also the peoples behind this giveaway. Thanks very much guys
AjizMA | Friday, January 3, 2014 11:14 AM
i love pc,, and i also have a little preview that i made
To port or not to port? That is the question.

In 2006, 2K took a different approach to their first game on the next gen consoles. 2K simply upgraded the graphics and ported over all of the features in the current gen version. That was the safe approach and most people were happy with it by and large.

This time around 2K wants OS'ers to know one thing: The next gen version of NBA 2K14 is not a port. But is that a good thing?

Let's start with the graphics. The game looks exactly like (if not better) than the trailer. 2K face mapped damn near every NBA player in the league. Guys like Lebron and Kobe look exactly like their real life counterparts but that's expected. What I didn't expect was that guys like Joel Anthony and Festus Ezeli would look amazing. The faces and the lighting and details of each arena jump out as the most improved aspects of the game to you.

With that said, the graphical improvements are less prominent when you are playing the game in broadcast mode. Don't get me wrong, the game still looks great, but I can see many people complaining that they don't see a huge difference from current gen when actually playing the game versus in replays.

The improved graphics also quite prominent in MyPLAYER mode. There are significantly more hairstyles and beard choices in the next gen version than current gen. There is no longer a huge difference between how a real NBA player looks and a created player/my player looks. I've played 3 next gen games at this point (NBA, FIFA and Knack) and 2k clearly has the best looking game on next gen.


2K set up a quick demo of the game featuring the Heat and the Warriors. The demo was a single three minute quarter with play calling on. I played a total of three quarters with the game. The game reminds me of the current gen version, as it should, but it's clearly feels somewhat different. The key to that is the new Ecomotion engine.

The Ecomotion engine adds foot planting and better dribbling animations to the series. Sliding has been virtually eliminated from the series and dribbling animations are tighter than they ever have been. In current gen, there are times when dribbling the ball will not touch the floor because of a bad animation. This doesn't occur in next gen. This is clearly 2K's response to Live's BounceTek feature and eliminates one of the competition's biggest selling points.

Another feature of the new system is called animation synthesis. In next gen, all animations are contextual. For example, if Durant is taking a jumper and he is wide open, he will use his typical gather, release and landing. If a defender pressures him, he will automatically adjust his release and may land differently depending on the position of the defender. These additions are very visible during gameplay and you will see a bunch of new animations.

Points of Emphasis is another gameplay related feature that is only in next-gen. As a coach you are given 9 options on offense and defense during the game that you can use to make adjustments. For example when playing the Heat, you can instruct your team to defend the perimeter as a point of emphasis.

I know what you are thinking "Can't we do that in current gen with defensive adjustments?" The difference here is your team will practically hug perimeter players. I saw one screenshot of Sefolosha body to body against Lebron when denying the ball. I'm interested in seeing how much Points of Emphasis actually affects the game and if the AI uses these also. On the surface though, this appears to be a good addition.


Lets get the bad out of the way: Association mode as we know it has been removed.

They have been replaced by a new mode called MyGM. In my opinion, it's similar to Madden's connected careers mode. The mode takes your MyPLAYER and makes him the GM of the team. As the GM, you interview and hire staff, negotiate trades with other owners and manage players. The centerpiece of this mode is the conversation system.

An example of this is you are the GM of the Kings and the team has lost 8 games in a row. Boogie Cousins comes in to your office and demands a trade. You can either attempt to convince Cousins to stay with the team, ignore his demand or shop him for a trade. The mode appears to be very immersive and perfect for people who are interested in managing one team. So what's the problem?

I'm a firm believer in one rule: YOU DONT REMOVE FEATURES! NBA 2K4 had a franchise mode with 30 team control and 2K removed in NBA 2K5 for no particular reason. It took them three years and a ton of complaints from a select few OS'ers to get them to add the feature back. Madden did the same thing last year and after some backlash added it back this year. I'm willing to acknowledge that MyGM looks intriguing and may be the future of the franchise, but it makes no sense to remove features like multi-team association and potentially alienate a very dedicated (and vocal) segment of the audience.

I'm sure these removals won't affect a good amount of people who buy this game. Many will be happy with controlling one team on MyGM or just focus on MyPLAYER. But some of us don't want to interview players or staff. Some of us just want to play or watch any game. Some of us don't trust the CPU AI when it comes to making trades and cuts and want to prevent unrealistic decisions. That's why we love multi team association.

Another feature which isn't making the jump is custom music. Also gone are practice plays. Devs confirmed but didn't specify that some other features found in current gen won't make the jump over to next gen this year. What this means is many basketball gamers will have to keep the current-gen version of the game to get a total basketball fix this year.

More info is coming on MyGM in the next week.

Onto the good though: MyPLAYER looks incredible. The structure appears to be similar to current-gen with your career starting at the Draft showcase but it's clearly different, there are bunch of new cutscenes added to the next gen version and 2K showed us three of them.

The first one is your agent informing you that you have been invited to the Draft Showcase. The second one is your rival approaches you before the DS and talks a little trash. After that conversation, you agent asks you how you felt about the trash talk and you are given the choice of getting emotional or letting it go. Finally, your DS coach approaches you in the locker room and attempts to motivate you before the game. MyPLAYER on next-gen is much more immersive and I'm excited about giving it a run.

The final feature we saw was called “The Park”. 2K wasn't saying much about it other than its a place where you and 100 of your friends can play. The visual they showed multiple basketball courts with MyPlayers on each court. This is pure speculation but this could be Crew on steroids where you can take your MyPlayer from court to court just like you could if you were at a real park with multiple courts.

From what I saw, I am definitely excited about the next gen version of the game but not as excited as I was coming into the event. The game looks and feels great but the limited feature set hampers it. Hopefully once we get more information about the features actually in the game, the pain from the features removed will dull.
FULLGRIMFOREVER | Friday, January 3, 2014 10:55 AM
This game is the most sport game that i wanna have. I new on steam and don't know what i have to do. Im never have purchased a game because i have no money. I know im just a little child but i wanna play a game (not free game). i wanna try playing original game but i don't know how to get them. And you give me chance to win my 1st game. Thank you very much GAMERSBOOK for the giveaway,, thanks again GAMERSBOOK
FULLGRIMFOREVER | Friday, January 3, 2014 10:55 AM
his game is the most sport game that i wanna have. I new on steam and don't know what i have to do. Im never have purchased a game because i have no money. I know im just a little child but i wanna play a game (not free game). i wanna try playing original game but i don't know how to get them. And you give me chance to win my 1st game. Thank you very much GAMERSBOOK for the giveaway,, thanks again GAMERSBOOK
IndigoMontoya | Friday, January 3, 2014 10:45 AM
i like to play this game on PC,, since i know steam,, i always want to play my games with original tittle,, and i hope this game will be on my steam library

deidaramotoko | Friday, January 3, 2014 10:18 AM
i will choose pc version. I can't explain how i really love NBA 2k. In pc,, we can play almost everywhere we want. And also,, if i win this game,, i can play this game with my little brother. He also like basket ball,, or maybe,, he is the huge fans of NBA. And so do i.

*****So please,, pick me up as the winner GAMERSBOOK*****
and many thanks to GAMERSBOOK and 2k games
AceAceAceee | Friday, January 3, 2014 6:20 AM
I will choose PC version because i don't have PS3 XD. I prefer choosing PC version because i only have a PC. I want this game because it's awesome and i saw some gameplays of it on youtube. On the very first time i saw it. My first impression to it is, ITS ULTRA MEGA SUPER COOL ! Online gaming with friends, many changes ! I really want this game.
Jim Ting
Jim Ting | Friday, January 3, 2014 4:02 AM
PC version, a true gamer's device.
Michael Devoti
Michael Devoti | Thursday, January 2, 2014 6:40 PM
Pc edition :)
lolproxd | Thursday, January 2, 2014 4:46 PM
PC version always =D
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