Valve stops returning stolen items to scam victims

June 27, 2015 2
Many Steam users have faced scam attempts at one time or another, and those that were unlucky enough to fall for them had the ability to petition Valve and require the return of the items. Well, not anymore; Valve has updated Steam's Scam FAQ, clarifying that the company no longer plans to return items that were scammed to the victims, primarily because this process actually creates a copy of the item, instead of returning the original.

Here are the details:

"Our community assigns an item a value that is at least partially determined by that item's scarcity. If more copies of the item are added to the economy through inventory rollbacks, the value of every other instance of that item would be reduced," states in the updated Scam FAQ.

"We sympathize with people who fall victim to scams, but we provide enough information on our website and within our trading system to help users make good trading decisions. All trade scams can be avoided."

All the more reason to be extra careful when trading and clicking on links in Steam chat from dubious sources. However, this change doesn't mean you shouldn't report scammers on Steam anymore, as Valve is still enforcing bans against proven scammers.

Thanks, PCGamesN.

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LatifTP | Sunday, June 28, 2015 4:35 PM
whatever they(valve) wanna do, i don't care anymore of scammer, i mean they never really giving back my stollen item to me. i've been waiting more than a year until this announcement. Dang valve, they don't even reply my mail. I mean, come on valve, this is digital item, and you won't give it back to the victim cause its copying item instead of returning the original one. Oh my god, i don't understand the business of gaming. But valve are really dissapoint me, not just me i believe, but lots of steam user (especially dota 2, going to the BADASS mode)
Kai Kwapich
Kai Kwapich | Sunday, June 28, 2015 1:07 PM
Gamersbook, i want to report two scammers! They're right below me.