Metal Gear Online PC Beta Launching Today

January 12, 2016

After releasing on PS4, and Xbox One way back in October, Metal Gear Online PC beta is finally launching today. According to Konami, the beta will start at 10pm PT. To enter all you need to do is opt in through your Steam library.

The real Kept You Waiting...

Since the delay announcement last year, MGO fans have been waiting patiently for the latest update for their favorite online multiplayer to arrive on their favorite platform, the indomitable PC!

A strong man doesn't need to read the future. He simply needs to wait for MGO on PC.

That day is nearly here, as recently announced via the Konami Twitch Channel[], players can opt in and download the Beta release of Metal Gear Online January 12th, 10PM PT.

While that's our target time, there's a chance it'll slip by an hour or two as we implement this awaited update, but rest assure we will be here for support and launch as planned.

Unfortunately as long as you follow me, you'll never see the...wait no you did, yay it worked out!

It's been a long wait, and we absolutely appreciate the support we've received not just from MGO fans but also our passionate Steam community. Seriously, you all are amazing!

What little time we have left we will spend playing MGO.

Thank you for taking this long journey with us.


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