The International prize pool passes the final milestone - $15 million

July 02, 2015 1
Last month The International 2015 became not only the largest Dota 2 tournament, but also the e-sport event with the biggest prize pool ever, surpassing last year's event.

Now, the prize pool has reached the last stretch goal of $15 million, thereby unlocking the Immortal axe and a new comic. Since The International 2015 is scheduled to begin a month from now, on August 3rd, Valve could very well add another set of stretch goals to help boost the prize pool even further. 

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LatifTP | Thursday, July 2, 2015 6:40 PM
what a valve. With the biggest prize pool, adding more feature to the compendium owner is more than we need right now,, do they ever think about it?