July 13, 2017

New Paragon Hero revealed- Zinx

We’d like to introduce you to the latest Hero. We call this durable ranged attacker… Zinx. You’ll be able to play Zinx starting Tuesday, July 18. Get ...
July 10, 2017

Wild West Online debut gameplay video

WILD WEST ONLINE is a emergent systems-driven, open world, Wild West-themed action MMO built from the ground up for PC and featuring world exploration...
July 10, 2017

Fortnite cinematic trailer

Strange things are afoot at the DurrrBurger. Assemble the squad and get ready for the launch of Fortnite with the "Hard Days Night" cinematic short.Fo...
July 07, 2017

Overwatch- Doomfist developer update

Game Director Jeff Kaplan introduces Overwatch’s 25th hero, DOOMFIST—providing some insight into his back story, abilities, and overall strategy. Doom...


June 22, 2017 5

Dota 2 Arcana giveaway

We're doing a giveaway in cooperation with Midas Club.We are giving away 3 x Arcana items;1X Bladeform Legacy 1X Frost Avalanche 1X Blades o...