July 25, 2017

CIVILIZATION VI – First Look: Nubia

Get a first look at the Nubian civilization and its leader Amanitore, a Nubian Kandake (queen), was one of the last great builders within the Kus...
July 25, 2017

Shadow of War Shelob reveal trailer

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has revealed a brand-new story trailer featuring Shelob, one of the most iconic and powerful villains in Middle...
July 25, 2017

Total War: WARHAMMER - Norsca gameplay

A first glance at Norsca, early adopter bonus for Total War: WARHAMMER II, out on 10 August 2017. The barbaric Norscans will be the latest playab...
July 25, 2017

Fortnite available now in Early Access

Epic Games is excited to announce that Fortnite, its third-person Action Building game, is available now in paid Early Access for PlayStation 4, Xbox ...


June 22, 2017 6

Dota 2 Arcana giveaway

We're doing a giveaway in cooperation with Midas Club.We are giving away 3 x Arcana items;1X Bladeform Legacy 1X Frost Avalanche 1X Blades o...